Connecting Businesses to Critical Resources

In response to the COVID19 pandemic and the unprecedented economic circumstances our community finds itself in, the Greater Peoria Economic Development Council has begun convening an Economic Recovery Task Force, a regional effort, that is aimed at connecting businesses to critical resources to stabilize in short term, get back on track in the near term, and emerge stronger in the long term.


As we begin this recovery process, we need to learn from you, our local businesses, on your most pressing risks in the coming months as we seek to maximize access to funding programs and other technical assistance, while also providing guidance to local policy makers to create new programs to meet this moment. We have created a Business Response Program, with support from our partners at TADA Cognitive Solutions, that will match you with resources and technical assistance, if you so choose, based on your needs.

By providing some high level information on your current business and workforce risks we will be able to make more effective decisions as a community and be able to help support you in your moment of need.

Portal Video Guide *For any technical issues in using the portal,please send email to or call 1-800-876-8078